Check out the Kindles!

We have four new Kindles to circulate to current students, faculty and staff. They each have the same 80+ titles on them, including the H.H. Dali Lama’s book, Beyond Religion: Ethics for the Whole World that is being featured for One Book, One Community.  They are locked up in the cabinet below the cash register, the key is in the cash register.

The policies are as follows:

• Kindles will be checked out for 7 (seven) days with the option of one 7 (seven) day renewal.
• Kindles will not be checked out to patrons owing money for lost, missing or damaged equipment or other library materials.
• There will be a $10.00 per day overdue fine for Kindles. The maximum overdue fine is $100.00.
• There is a limit of one Kindle per person. A 24 hour wait is required between checkouts.
• Use of the Kindle is restricted to the items provided at checkout.
• Return the Kindle to staff at the Circulation Desk. **$25.00 will be charged if the Kindle is returned in the Book Drop.**

Borrowers are responsible for any damage, loss or theft of the Kindle and accessories while it is checked out to them, regardless of the circumstances. The total replacement cost includes the device, accessories and a non-refundable processing fee. If any pieces are not returned, they will be billed accordingly with the non-refundable processing fee.

Kindle: $80.00
Cord: $10.00
Power Adapter: $20.00
Case: $15.00
*Non-refundable Processing fee: $25.00*
Total Replacement Cost: $150.00

*The non-refundable Processing fee will be attached to any piece(s) that are billed for replacement.

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