Non-library departments housed in the Library

Below is a list of departments, key staff members, room numbers of CCSU departments that are housed within the library, but are not affiliated with the library.

  • Academic Center for Student Athletes: 1st Floor: Tutoring services
    1. Kevin Oliva
    2. Eva Vrdoljak
  • Media Center: TV and recording studios on 2nd  Equipment check out and the Graphic Design offices are on Stack 3.   ***Reminder:  The Circulation desk DOES NOT take back any equipment that was checked out from the Media Center.***
    1. Chad Valk
    2. Ryan Wark
    3. Jarrett Palmese (Equipment check out) (Stack 3)
    4. Tina Marshall (Graphic Designer) (Stack 3)
  • Instruction Design and Technology Resource Center: (IDTRC) 3rd Floor: Helps faculty with Blackboard, training
    1. Jennifer Nicoletti
  • Center For Teaching and Faculty Development: “Center for Teaching”:  3rd floor, room 305
    1. Glynis Fitzgerald, Dean of Graduate Studies: Director
    2. Marianne Fallon: Assistant to the Director
    3. Amy Gagnon: coordinator
  • Italian Resource Center: 3rd floor, room 304
    1. Maria Passaro: faculty coordinator
    2. Simona (she will stop by and pick up materials from Circulation)
  • Confucius Institute: 4th floor, room 408
    1. Steve Kliger
    2. Mei Zongxiang
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