Printing Refunds – update

From Norm:

I just received an email from Lisa Washko (the manager of the Student Technology Center), regarding some of the recent anomalies we’ve seen with the Pharos system, such as students being overcharged for print jobs, PDF’s not printing correctly, print jobs disappearing after a student swipes her/his card and so on.

Basically, Lisa said it’s very difficult for IT to replicate (and troubleshoot) any of these issues, since they are intermittent. 

So, if a student is charged for a job and it doesn’t print correctly, or if they don’t get the job at all, Lisa recommends they stop by her area, the Computer Lab. There, the students can fill out a form stating the problem and then Lisa can check the Pharos Log to verify that they have sent  a print job – and then issue the refund.

* REFUND FORMS are available at the Circulation desk. They are in the drawer under the cash register.*

Here is a little more info, on the Computer Lab….

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