Repairing Items (Updated July 2018)

Our work around process for repair items from March 2018 turned out to not work well, so we are reverting back to the original process.

To put an item into repair status:

  • Search by Physical Item
  • Go to the ellipse at the right: … (More Actions)  Select Work Order
  • Change Process Type to ‘being repaired.’
  • Enter note if needed.
  • Click on Submit. Item is now in repair status.
  • Put it on wooden book truck near staff restroom for ISAR.

Take an item out of repair status:

  • Search by Physical Item.
  • Click EDIT ITEM box.
  • In General Information Box: Change ‘Being Repaired’ to BLANK, click SAVE.
  • Repeat the Physical Item search. The permanent location should appear.
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