ALMA Activity Letter

ACTIVITY REPORT:  Remember the day, back on February 2, 2017 when Alma spit out about 900 emails to all our patrons about what books they had, what they owed, etc.?  The patrons were calling, the Bursar was calling, bedlam out?  I turned the BORROWING ACTIVITY letter off that day.   What I didn’t realize was when I did that, the Activity Report link in Alma turned off also.

What were the consequence of it not running?

  • The renewal email message didn’t work
  • The “I need a list of the books I have checked out on my account” email message didn’t work

This was a low priority problem.  I fixed it a few weeks ago.   So, now when someone renews an item, they will AUTOMATICALLY get an email message telling them the new date(s) of their renewed items.

If a patron wants a list of materials they have checked out, Alma will email them the list, click the SEND ACTIVITY REPORT link on the top right, ALMA will send them an email.


Feel free to use it.  Tell the students.



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