Center for Student Athletes gates and alarms

This weekend we were reminded about the gates that exist in the Center for Student Athletes.  There are two.  One is alarmed, one is not.  Since this topic does not come up often, I am putting the information here in the hopes of spreading the word.

  1.  The elevator gate:  The South elevator has a gate when the doors open on the Stack side of the building.  It is NOT locked, but is usually closed.  If a patron needed to, they could gain access if no other elevator doors open.  We do NOT have a key for this gate.
  2. Stack 2 Stairwell to the Center for Student Athletes:  There is a locked gate here too.  The stairwell is used as emergency egress out of Stack 2.  It is pretty much redundant now that Stack 1 on the north side of the building is open.  But, if the gate is opened, an alarm will go off.  The BIG BLUE KEY in the Keybox turns this alarm off.  This gate will always be LOCKED.  We do not have a key for the lock, either.
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