Expiring Guest Borrowers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fall 2020 – ?

As we offer limited services during the COVID-19 pandemic, guest borrowers will be treated somewhat differently than normal.

Guest borrowers with existing accounts can renew by contacting us by phone and verifying mailing address, phone number, and email address are current (or providing updated contact information). Often this happens when they call to see if they can renew items they have out or are wondering if we are open to take returns.

Assuming all is well with the existing account and the borrower owes no fines, we will then update the expiring account’s expiration date one year out, create a new borrower card with new barcode, renew items they have checked out, and mail the new card to them.

Because new guest borrower accounts cannot be created touchlessly, we are unfortunately not adding new guest borrowers at this time.

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