Overdue materials – Spring 2021 – COVID

We haven’t billed for any lost material since last March. The last due date Jaime billed students for was December 9, 2019. As the pandemic has warn on, I have renewed almost all of the material that was due prior to January 1, 2021 to allow our students/guests time to be able to come back on campus. This includes any materials that I missed earlier in 2020.

I am doing this with bulk due date changes. As of today: I have only gotten the Undergraduates done because they had the most materials out on loan. I hope to get the Continuing Ed students, then the Graduate students done.

The due date for everything will be APRIL 2, 2021. In an email to the students, I told them IF the materials are returned before April 2, there will be no overdue fines. After April 2, the overdue fines will start accruing again. On June 1, we will be running the bill for replacements for materials that have been returned and their Banner accounts will be billed accordingly.

Consortia students/faculty: Those I have actually run yesterday. I have contacted all of my counterparts at the other institutions and they are contacting their patrons. I have put Fulfillment notes in the book record so that when we check them in, you will know I am looking for them. Just leave them on my desk with a note.

Guests are a problem. Guests who have overdue books from last spring have expired accounts. I still haven’t decided whether I should just leave them alone and bill them, or if I should renew them, accounts, and books.

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