Update on Lost items procedure

The campus Police request that the person who is handed any of the following items of value call them immediately at x22375.  The PD will then dispatch an officer to come pick the item up from the person who made the call.  It is imperative to get the name and contact information of the individual turning the item in, along with when and where the item was found.   By doing this, we are helping keep the chain of custody to a minimum.   The Student Handbook states that a student must surrender their ID to any faculty or staff member who requests it.

Cell phone
Debit/credit cards
Back packs
Lap tops
iPads, or anything of value


ONLY the following three items should be brought to the Circulation Desk:
Car Keys- and Drivers licenses- If no one has picked them up by close of day, they will be taken to the Police Department.
Blue Chip Cards-will be returned to Card Office immediately during office hours. If after hours, we will return to the Card Office the next day.

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