Evening Procedures Prior to Closing

These are all tasks that should be done at least once per shift, some time during the evening shift. All can be done before formal desk closing procedures start

Securing the Building

  • At least once per shift in the late afternoon or evening, make sure emergency exit doors at the corner stairwells are latched and alarms are on; otherwise the building is not secured.

    Do this by pressing on the door, not the breaker bar (pressing the breaker bar will set off the alarm), and verifying that each door’s breaker bar light is blinking red slowly. You must check each of the eight doors.

    If a door is not latched, pull it shut. If a door’s alarm isn’t as expected—that is, if a light is off, if it’s on but solid red, or if it’s quickly flashing red, or if you hear a door’s lock shutting off and on at regular intervals—reset it using the Alarm key in the key box.
  • Check the class schedules for each weekday evening. After 9:00PM, most classes have ended. If classrooms are not in use, check to be sure the projectors are off, then pull the doors shut.


  • Check Exterior Book Drop (next to the Staff Entrance/Exit)
  • Check public printers on Floors 1, 2, and 4.
    • Check each printer’s screen for any problems, particularly ⚠️ or a flashing red LED, which may indicate the following:
      • Clear any jams. These may be just above the paper trays or anywhere in the paper’s path.
      • Clear any jobs in memory that formatted to non-letter-sized paper (e.g., legal, A4, etc.). They won’t print and will prevent other jobs from being printed by that printed until they are cleared.
    • Paper trays should be between ¾ full and full.
      • Be careful not to overfill as this will cause some printers jam.
      • Paper is on the second floor but not the 4th floor.
    • Check toner/ink level; when it is at or below 25%, check the Stack 7 Supplies Room shelves to see if there is a replacement cartridge ready. If not, make sure Kimberly is aware in time to order replacement cartridges (and when you take a box of paper or new cartridge from Stack 7 supplies room, remember to notify Kimberly)
    • Write down any error messages or codes on the display panels for issues you cannot address, and notify Kimberly, who will contact IT.
  • Check staplers near Circulation and refill if necessary
  • Straighten 1st floor furniture

Recording and Reporting Usage

  • Remember to train student workers to record questions they get in LibGuides
  • Record microfilm/fiche/card use and then refile materials returned to the top of the cabinet in Stack 1. Try to do this after the genealogy people have left for the day, usually by around 9:00PM weeknights.
  • Update gate count and patron count data spreadsheet (Kim will provide further details on this)

Desk Operations

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